The Professional Cleaner Employee Evaluation Program


See your business through your customers' eyes.

Dramatically increase your customer satisfaction, fill holes in your schedule (without devaluing your service), engage your customers and motivate your employees. This one program changed my business overnight and saved me tens of thousands of dollars in staffing costs, customer refunds and discounts. I will show you exactly how to implement this program immediately to instantly improve your cleaning business - in ALL areas.


Course Introduction
  • Welcome to the Course
  • About Katie Pearse
  • Outline and Objectives
Module 1: The Fundamentals
  • How to Use "Mystery Shoppers" as Evaluators
  • How Does It Work for Cleaning Businesses?
  • Evaluate Your Website and Booking Process
Module 2: Marketing Materials
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Website Marketing
Module 3: For Your Evaluators
    • Client Instructions
    • Evaluator Application Form
    • Appointment Evaluation Form
    • Website Evaluator Form
Module 4: For Your Staff
    • Program Information for Staff
That's a Wrap!
    • Wrapping Things Up
    • Resources

Forms and Templates

  • Website Evaluation Form

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Email Marketing Templates

  • Website Copy

  • Client Instructions

  • Application Form

  • Appointment Evaluation Form