The Classic Clean Course - Premium Edition


Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive program to train new hires, or you’re ready to start your own cleaning business, The Classic Clean® course will provide step-by-step directions on how to achieve the highest standard of service your clients deserve. This course includes a 200+ page training manual, cheat sheets, checklists, recipes, step-by-step videos and more with lifetime access. The Classic Clean® course is designed to suit all learning styles and professional levels, with audio versions, how-to photos and checklists you can customise and fill in yourself.

  • Modules 1 - 6: Cleaning Tutorials
  • Module 7: Consultations
  • Module 8: Etiquette
  • Module 9: Client Care
  • Module 10: Products and Tools
  • Module 11: Theory of Cleaning
  • Module 12: Cleaner Safety
  • Module 13: Conducting Appointments
  • Module 14: Evaluations