The Business Accelerator: Summer 2021 Live Session

THE NEXT LIVE SESSION STARTS AUGUST 16! "Because a cleaning company is the easiest business to start, but the absolute most difficult business to run."

I designed this program to give you the personalized help you need with your cleaning business at an affordable price. The three coaching sessions included with this program would cost $750 if you booked them à la carte, but are included in The Business Accelerator. Additionally, you get a personalized review of your business, as well as 10 weeks of lessons (plus several assignments) to help you learn expert business strategy then plan and implement immediate changes to your business.


1. The Luxe Business Essentials
2. The Client Experience and Client Relationships
3. Make Your Brand Dazzle
4. Premium Services and Couture Cleaning
5. Marketing and Sales - Level 1
6. Marketing and Sales - Level 2
7. Hiring And Managing Professional Cleaners
8. Making and Managing Money
9. Setting Business Goals
10. Launch Plan Design

To see the full details of each module, scroll down!

    How does the live Accelerator program work?

    The Cleaning Business Accelerator is a small group program I run LIVE once a year. Each week, you will get an online lesson on an area of business you need to finesse in order to be successful. We will also work on your goals and plans for the future. The final two weeks you will implement the improvements to your business you've selected, with my help. By week 10, you'll be ready to launch your "new and improved" cleaning service to your clients and staff.

    How closely do I get to work with Katie?

    It's like 1x1 coaching for all 10 weeks of the program. I am available to you, full-time during regular business hours, from day one until the last day of the program. You can send me emails, texts and voice messages with all your questions and issues.

    I'm busy running a business. What if I fall behind on the learning?

    That is to be expected! Almost everyone in the program works at a varying pace. Some people get busy and don't look at the lessons for 2 - 3 weeks, then binge them all in a weekend and catch up. Regardless, this program is designed for the busy cleaning business owner. This means you get lifetime access to the program AND can return as often as you want as an alumni. Let's say you get so busy you miss all the live Q&A sessions and only consume half the lessons. That's okay! You can learn at your own pace even when the live program has ended. You can then join in the following year when I run the program again.

    Tell me more about being an alumni! I can really take the program again for FREE?

    This is one of the best features of being a Glisten Academy student. As an alumni of any program, you are always welcome to join in any live events or future offerings. So, anytime I offer the program live, you can join in again. This also means you get an updated, revised version of the program every year - for life!

    What happens when I register?

    As soon as you register, you will get a confirmation email that your spot has been secured in the program, along with instructions on what to expect. There is a link to an online profile you can fill out to share your history, background, current challenges and what you'd like to accomplish in our time together.

    How many people take the live session at once?

    I usually cap the registrations around 25 business owners, but I may increase or decrease that number, depending. The most important part of the program for me is to be able to give every business owner as much help and personal attention as they need.

    I have another question. How can I contact you?

    Email me at


    Let's work together - you shouldn't be alone in this challenging line of work. Stop struggling and spinning your wheels. I have the answers and the experience - 30,000 residential cleanings, hundreds of staff, thousands of clients, and over 12 years of experience in this industry. I also have 6 years of university education in marketing and communications and have been a marketing and communications specialist since 2005 and business school instructor since 2007. It's time to invest in your business NOW! You will make all your money back very quickly with a cleaning service that commands high prices, attracts and keeps the most incredible staff, and truly dazzles your clients.


    You’ll gain access to our members-only Facebook group and be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs. Gain further insight into the cleaning business industry. Post questions, share tips and tricks, and have the support and encouragement of your fellow peers.


    Download the Voxer app and you can voice or text message Katie from Monday to Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM EST.


    You also get free revised materials when the program is updated and special invitations to participate in future sessions at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Participate in future sessions for FREE!