Luxe Business Essentials (Lesson #1 from The Business Accelerator)



“Why am I not getting more clients?”

“How come the clients I get are cheap and don’t value what we do?”

The solution to these cleaning business problems can be found inside this module, from The Business Accelerator Program.

The Luxe Cleaning Business Essentials provides the fundamentals of building your own luxe cleaning business. The GlistenPro® 10 Luxe Laws are critical for achieving success and the GlistenPro® 10-Step Client Experience will be the most important system you put in place.

The 10 Luxe Laws

In this lesson, you’ll learn the 10 Rules To Follow When You Want to Dazzle. These rules are skill sets and mindsets that I’ve mastered and implemented in my own cleaning business. When it comes to succeeding in this line of business, you need to be at the top of your game, full of confidence, and committed to a deeper purpose than "just cleaning."

  • How to Qualify as a Luxe Cleaning Business

  • How to Be Viewed as a Luxe Cleaning Business

  • The 10 Luxe Laws of Business

Training Delivery

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