The Client Experience (Lesson #2 from The Business Accelerator)


12-page PDF + 24-minute video and audio lesson

Learn the GlistenPro® 10-Step Client Experience process and elevate your cleaning business to one that delivers acclaimed experiences to exceptional customers.

An elite cleaning service does more than scrub toilets better than anyone else. By creating an impeccable client experience, you will attract and retain the types of clients who pay premium prices.

Katie shares real-life examples from high-profile, multi-millionaire clients with insights into exactly what the wealthy want from a cleaning service and tips on how to be the choice for local celebrities and other public figures in your city.

 This lesson will cover:

  • The GlistenPro Approach
  • How the GlistenPro Client Experience Works
  • Credibility Checkpoints
  • Step 1: Luxury Branding
  • Step 2: Personalized Quotes
  • Step 3: Appointment Bookings
  • Step 4: Couture Services
  • Step 5: Appointment Preparation
  • Step 6: The Appointment
  • Step 7: Payments
  • Step 8: Aftercare
  • Step 9: Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Step 10: VIP Status and Your Role as Concierge
  • Setting Up Your Client Experience
  • Resources


  • Personalized Pricing / Quote Template
  • Appointment Booking Confirmation Template
  • Client and Property Profile Intake Form Template
  • Cleaning Business Client Service Agreement

This lesson is included in The Business Accelerator Program, which you can purchase as a complete program.